10 Best Baseball Apps and MLB Apps For Android

Just like cricket baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. It is a famous old game professionally played in the United States. Using this post you will be able to watch all the baseball apps and MLB apps for android.


Eventually, baseball has gained a lot of popularity and has returned in trend. Since the baseball fans have increased and are still counting, many online platforms and MLB’s have been launched so one can enjoy playing baseball without leaving their home.

10 Best Baseball Apps and MLB Apps For Android

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List Of Top 10 Best Baseball Apps and MLB Apps

App NameDownload Link
ESPNDownload Now
Google AssistantDownload Now
FeedlyDownload Now
iScore BaseballDownload Now
MLB At BATDownload Now
SofaScoreDownload Now
theScoreDownload Now
TwitterDownload Now
Yahoo SportsDownload Now
Live TV AppsDownload Now

The best baseball apps and MLB apps are as follows:


1. ESPN:

espn football hosting site

The application jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company provides its users with all the latest news, scores, alerts regarding sports. It even lets you watch live games. It will keep track of your feed and will show news, highlights according to it.

Download ESPN Baseball

2. Google Assistant:

google assistant

Free app for all smartphone users. It will bring daily news updates, a live scoreboard of the sports, highlights, and will tell you about the upcoming sports matches. It also helps to maintain your schedules. Google Assistant is not a standard search platform; it is also a voice search application.


Download Google Assitant

3. Feedly:


It is also a free RSS platform. It the best place for you to keep track of all the updates and news regarding baseball, news, and other sports too. Here information is uploaded from several different blogs, magazines, and sites; you are free to select the suitable for yourself.

Download Feedly App

4. iScore Baseball:

iscore baseball app


It is a baseball scorecard app. It helps you to keep track of a baseball game. Via iScore Baseball, anyone like coaches, parents, and fans, holds a record of all kinds of updates related to baseball. One can even keep a record of softball using iScore Baseball. It is entirely free. You don’t have to spend a single penny for keeping a record via it.

Download iScore Baseball

5. MLB at Bat:

MLB at bat app download

The app tells you about the major leagues of baseball. It is readily available for your androids and tablets. It has two versions free and premium; the only difference in these two is that in the free version, you can’t access broadcast for live game and the other videos that are uploaded on the premium version.

Download MLB


6. SofaScore:

sofascore app download

The easy to use and colorful e-platform, which shows the score for sports like baseball. It will show you score updates till the last minute on your device screen.

Download SofaScore

7. theScore:

thescore app download

It is a sports news app that shows your scores and news related to baseball. It even provides you with updates related to the NFL, NHL, Soccer, the Olympics, etc. Here you can select your favorite for getting the news and updates regarding it only.


Download TheScore

8. Twitter:

twitter app download

free app where with updates of the live score, news, highlights. It is not only for updating scores and news, here many famous baseball players have their accounts, and even a separate page for baseball where you will get every single story and updates related to it, you can follow the accounts and pages for knowing all the details.

Download Twitter

9. Yahoo Sports:

yahoo cricket live scores


Yahoo sports never let you miss any new, highlights, live streaming, and scoreboard of any baseball match. You have to register and pick your favorite team and league for getting news and updated related to it only.

Download Yahoo Sports

10. Live Tv apps:

The baseball apps that let you stream live matches online on different channels. It supports many different local channels, like Fox Sports.

Download Live TV Apps

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