Top 10 Most Run Getter in IPL | Best Batsman for IPL Lifetime


Indian Premier League is the most popular in all over the world. The format of this game is quite different from ICC ODI, Test Series, and T20. In this game, all the players are together and play in different teams. They are not playing for their country, but they are playing to earn more money. Due to this, they get more popular, and people get a chance to see more fun matches. Well, IPL gives opportunities to every player to score more runs and prove their skills. There is a season when people are waiting for the IPL matches.

Top 10 Most Run Getter in IPL | Best Batsman for IPL Lifetime
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Today we are going to know about best batsmen in IPL who have more runs and on the top of the league. There are so many players in this league, and everyone is working with the cooperation and in one team. IPL design is unique because, in this game, different players of different countries are playing on one side only. So let’s know about the players who work hard and get themselves on the leaderboard. Without wasting time let’s roll the intro.

Player Name Matches Runs Highest Score Strike Rate
Virat Kohli (India) 139 4110 113 130.43
Suresh Raina (India) 147 4098 100* 138.53
Rohit Sharma (India) 142 3874 109* 131.72
Gautam Gambhir (India) 132 3634 93 124.15
Chris Gayle (West Indies) 92 3426 175* 153.28
Robin Uthappa (India) 135 3390 83* 128.65
David Warner (Australia) 100 3373 109* 142.2
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India) 143 3270 70* 138.91
AB De Villiers (Australia) 120 3257 133* 149.33
Shikhar Dhawan (India) 113 3082 95* 121.33


As you can see the leaderboard, the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team is on the leaderboard. Virat Kohli is doing great in IPL and scores the highest runs in the innings. As we can see, the Indian players are playing amazingly in the Indian Premier League

. There are 7 players from the Indian team who are just running on the leader boards. Well, IPL is popular among the people and players are doing a great job in such matches.


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The competition is between the various team like KKR, RCB, MI, CSK and so others. These teams are playing against each other and then the last team won the match. It takes almost 1 to 2 months for this whole league. In the last few years, IPL becomes the most trending topic among the people. They like to discuss the matches and the business people who bid for them. Every player is earning an excellent and also playing good which increases the chances of players to more.

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Well, IPL is the fun-loving among the youngsters, and they promote their favorite players with their love and bids. People used to see live matches during office hours, and they also like to stay updated and check scores while doing the work. So we can say that people really love their favorite players and also supports them in such matches.

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