10 Most Wickets Taker in IPL History | Best Bowler In IPL


Most Wickets Taker in IPL History | Best Bowler In IPL

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the most popular game among the youth, or we can say all over the world. The criteria and the design of IPL are different from ICC, which makes this game more exciting and attractive among the people. So many players of various countries are playing under the one team which makes it unique, and today we are going to know about the best bowlers of IPL and their achievements. So before wasting time let’s begin the name of famous players and best bowlers of IPL.


10 Most Wickets Taker in IPL History | Best Bowler In IPL

Lasith Malinga2009-2019170122
Amit Mishra2009-2019157147
Harbhajan Singh2009-2019150160
Piyush Chawla2009-2019150157
Dwayne Bravo2009-2019147134
Bhuvneshwar Kumar2009-2019133117
Ravichandran Ashwin2009-2019125139
Sunil Narine2009-2019122110
Umesh Yadav2009-2019119119
Ravindra Jadeja2009-2019108170

As we can see the leaderboard Malinga from Mumbai Indians is on the top. Well, we all know that Malinga is the fastest bowler and he took many wickets in International Matches. So it is straightforward for Malinga to come up on the leaderboard. It is just like a game for him. As we can see the Indian Cricket team

has a fantastic list of bowlers, and it was increasing day-by-day. There are almost eight players of Indian cricket team on the list.

As we look at the history of IPL, India is doing its fantastic job in the IPL and work harder for their upcoming matches. These bowlers have their previous records in many internationals matches due to which they are selected for IPL. Harbhajan Singh is the most lovable player for Indians, and his work is tremendous in many matches. We cannot forget the contribution and hard work of the players.

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All the players are doing a great job and also working harder so they can beat their records. Well, it is not easy, but they are still working and that we can see on the next season on IPL 2020. Well, all the bowlers in IPL are doing a great job, but these are the most popular bowlers in the IPL, and people love them and their work. There are millions of people who are addicted to cricket and always get updated with the latest matches and the performance of the players.

People love to discuss it during breakfast: lunch or dinner. IPL becomes the part of every cricket lover, and they always wait for the new season. They want IPL just like international cricket matches and waiting for it every year.

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As all the players are playing together, they have their memories, but with their performance, we wish all the players and teams that they improve more and always came with new skills so every cricket lover can enjoy them. Cricket is all about friendship and love among the people which they never want to lose.