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Free Sample Products in india,free perfume samples,free baby stuff, free samples ‘With an increase in demand, there is an increase in competitors in the market .’  This statement applies to any product or service. Promoting new products often becomes  difficult as the market is filled with the same products that cater to consumers’ demands. This is why free sample products are exceptionally beneficial for both the company and the customer.


FREE Sample Products

The article below will discuss all free sample products and where you can get them quickly.

What Is Meant By Free Sample Products?

Free sample products means products that companies let customers try before they buy. The products given out are mainly small and packed portions of goods that are distributed free of cost. This is primarily to spread the word about the product and gain traffic and awareness.

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Why Do Companies Give Free Sample Products?

There are many reasons why many companies give free sample products. below are mentioned some of those reasons 

  1. The main reason is to introduce your product to a new audience who are not aware of your brand 
  2. Foster the relationship between the company and its customer and create a loyal customer base 
  3. Expanding customer knowledge about the products your company offers 
  4. It also encourages customers to repeat and leads to increased product sales.
  5. Also, the sample sizes of the products are small, so if any customer likes the effect, they will have to buy the full-sized product.

Why Do Customers Want Free Sample Products?

There are several advantages to ordering free sample products. Below mentioned are some of them. 

  1. Trying out new products before the launch 
  2. Trying premium category products for free 
  3. Rarely do you have to give a delivery fees 
  4. Consumers lets to save a lot of money 
  5. Receive delivery between 8-11 days 
  6. Items are from big and trusted brands, making them safe and harmless.

Which Website To Use To Receive These Free Sample Products 

Using different websites, you can receive many free sample products at your doorstep. some of the websites are said to be best in giving free sample products, according to a survey, are 

  • Craigslist
  • freeStuff.com 
  • I love free things 
  • My free product samples 
  • Freeflys 
  • Internet steals and deals 
  • Coupons.com 

How Can I Get Free Sample Products in India?

 Many companies check your genuineness for the sample product before giving you the sample product for free. So you must ensure you are serious about getting a free sample product. 

Firstly you will be asked to fill out a form. Follow the guideline mentioned below to get the free sample products. 

  1. Enter all and correct details as asked for 
  2. Give honest and genuine pieces of information about the product when asked 
  3. Make sure to follow and read the terms and conditions 
  4. Keep your profile up to date 
  5. Ask the company for the deadline for the sample product delivery in case it is not already mentioned.

All these steps will make you eligible for the product sample test.

How Can I Get Free Sample Products From Amazon in India?

Amazon has started a new program offering free sample products for prime and non-prime members. The site has a new sample page, and free samples are present according to availability.

  1. First, log in to your Amazon account. 
  2. They will show a free sample product and coupon code if you are qualified for the sample products. 
  3. By checking it daily, you can get 3-4 free samples from amazon monthly.

List all different free sample products available in India in 2022.?

  • Many products of Dabour 

This brand has a lot of products that are given as free sample products. To get that, you will have to visit the free samples of all labor product pages and click on the “try now” option. You will then have to enter your name, email ID, and mobile number. After you get the ‘details submitted successfully, ‘you will have to wait; if you are lucky, you will get products at zero cost. So of their products that are available as samples are 

  • Almond hair oil 
  • Odomos, the mosquito repellent 
  • Dabur amla hair oil 
  • Red paste of Dabur 
  • Odonil 
  • Real fruit juice 
  • Oxylife facial 
  • Dabur almond shampoo 
  • Dabur Glucose D 
  • Different flavors of hajmola 
  • Dabur lal tail 
  • Shilajit gold 
  • Odopic 
  • Dabur baby massage oil 
  • Shampoo sample of st botanica –

Consumers can get this free sample from amazon’s sample page. You will have to fill out a survey form and pay a small shipping charge, and you will receive your free shampoo or conditioner from St Botanica.

  • Colorsoul nail polish

It is a beauty and cosmetic brand based in Mumbai, India. They provide free sample nail polish without any delivery charges. 

  • Gillette, whisper Gillette venus for men and women 

P and G are giving away free samples on an amazon sample page on a try-and-buy basis. The free sample products include their newly launched Gillette products. You will have to post a review of the product on their official website .they are providing free sample products to women, too, such as whisper, Gillette venus, and many more. 

  • Momandworld  

All you have to do is fill out a survey form, and you will get a free product worth Rs. 399. There are four options for free sample products – liquid cleanser, body butter, diaper rash cream and baby wipes. You can choose one product from the available options .you can get this offer on the sample page of amazon .

  • MusclesXD  

This fitness product brand offers free samples on amazon’s sample page. Items offered as free sample products include shakers, skipping rope, hand grip, wrist band, and many more. To claim the sample products, you will have to pay a minor shipping charge, and the product is yours.

  • Mamaearth vitamin C facewash 

This popular health and natural beauty brand give free vitamin C sample products. You will get this sample product by paying only a shipping charge of Rs. 99, which is credited to your mama earth wallet after you receive the free sample product.

You can get the sample mentioned above from amazon’s free sample page.

There are many more brands that provide free sample products online as well as offline. You can access them from amazon’s sample page or other websites mentioned above. 

Enjoy the advantage of these gifts and choose what you want from the list above.

Happy shopping

I hope this article helps.