19-year-old, fighting against injury and then he won the gold medal in Commonwealth Games: Remember the name – Jeremy Lalrinnunga.
Jeremy Lalrinnunga wins gold
19 year old Jeremy Lalrinnunga does it in style lifts 160kg in C&J 2nd attempt despite in tremendous pain!

Jeremy’s third attempt was unsuccessful but it did not matter as he entered the Clean & Jerk way ahead on top. In the second part of the event, Jeremy lifted a herculean 154kgs in his first, but increased the heartbeat of a billion Indians by injuring himself. Despite pulling off the first lift successfully, Jeremy looked in discomfort as he hobbled back inside. Fortunately, he came back and nailed the 160kg effort, which eventually won him the medal. He tried for a 165kg lift in his third attempt but could not. The clean was good but while trying to lift the barbell above, Jeremy fell down in pain. Samoa’s Vaipova, who had shot back to a silver medal contention, needed a monstrous lift of 174kg to take gold. But he failed, which meant that the Indian National Anthem was now certain to resonate in the arena for the second time at CWG 2022.

Our PM Narendra Modi Congratulated him on Twitter.