According to the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), fantasy cricket is 100% legal. Fantasy Sports are considered as “Game of skills” Laws may differ from state to state in India.


Many of the prominent cricketers like Kapil Dev, MS Dhoni, etc. promote fantasy gaming apps. Millions of users are subscribing to different Top Fantasy apps. Fantasy sports are those in which the participants create both teams with the real players and predict the next step of the match. There is no betting in the fantasy game. Users earn points according to the performance of their players in the real game.

legality of fantasy cricket in india

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What Is Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports allows its participants to select their virtual team with the real players. Users have to fight with the performance of their players in the live game. They have to predict what will happen next in the match. All this happens online, the computer tracks all the details both real and predicted performances of the players. Fantasy cricket is almost the same as the actual game. Rules and regulations are also the same as the real world.


The Legality Of Fantasy Sports In India?

Many have taken objection against Dream11 in 2017, but the Bombay high court took favor of the company. 66% of cricket fans believe in fantasy cricket applications. Dream11 doesn’t involve betting or gambling as it is the game contest that is not dependent on winning or losing the participant’s team. So it is legal.

Dream11 allows you to test your skills regarding cricket or other games online. Dream11 is wholly based on your skills. Your skills will lead you to win more points. Dream11 believes in the luck of its participants.


The laws may differ in many states regarding Dream11. Some of the states like Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland, and Sikkim don’t allow their people to engage themselves in a fantasy world and the users who are involved have to pay fees for playing to the government.

Top Fantasy Sports App (Best Dream11 Alternatives)

How To Login In Dream11 App

  1. Follow the steps for logging in:
  2. Download the dream11 app from the play store.
  3. Install the application.
  4. Register first with your email, Facebook or google id.
  5. Now in the invitation code section Enter Dream11 Referral Code: PLAY100
  6. Then verify with your phone number by visiting in verification section in the menu bar.
  7. If the verification is successful, then login with the register phone number in the dream11 app.

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Fantasy sports are one of the most used apps nowadays in the season of cricket series and especially in IPL season. It is coming up in the markets of India and has immense gain popularity. Many fantasy gaming apps like Dream11 are launched. Fantasy sports are entirely legal as it does not involve betting and gambling in their leagues. The only motive these are made for is for checking their participant’s gaming skills.


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