Longest Six in IPL History | IPL 2023


Longest Six in IPL History | IPL 2023

Longest Six in Cricket History, Longest Sixes In IPL: With the IPL being the ground for youth to show off their talents and the distance of 6s they hit being one of them, In 2009, MS Dhoni smashed a 115m 6, also regarded as the famous Helicopter shot. However, it is not one of the longest six in IPL history. Here are the top 5 players with the longest 6s in the IPL history till now.  


Longest Six in IPL History 

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Albie Morkel – Playing For Chennai, He Hit a 125M 6 Against Team Deccan in 2008 | Longest Six in IPL History

Longest six in cricket history, Even after 15 years, this record has remained intact in the IPL season. The ball was tossed in the Direction of Morkel’s pad, and then he unfurled a 125-meter monster hit over the deep midwicket and out of the Chepauk Stadium. To date, it remains the longest six in IPL.

Longest Six in IPL History

Praveen Kumar – Playing For Bangalore, He Hit a 124M 6 Against Rajasthan in 2008.

He is one of the most surprising names present in the table. Despite big names such as Gayle, Kohli, and AB de Villiers, he holds the most extended 6 for Team RCB. Kumar clubbed Yusuf Pathan over long-on that, missed hitting the roof only by a whisker.

Longest Six in IPL History

Adam Gilchrist – Playing For Punjab, He Hit a 122M 6 Against Bangalore in 2011 

At the most picturesque stadium in the world, Gilchrist spotted the slower ball of Langeveldt early and played one of his trademark flicks over the midwicket.

The ball crossed the line, left the stadium, and probably hit a plane.  

Longest Six in IPL History

Robin Uthappa – Playing For Bangalore, Hit a 120M 6 Against Mumbai in 2010 

Longest six in cricket history. Having been one of the most skilled players for the last 15 years, Dwayne Bravo received one of the biggest hits in tournament history. Robbin Uthappa spotted a length ball on the stumps earlier and hit it with such force that it disappeared deep in the crowd in the famous Wankhede Stadium.

Longest Six in IPL History

Chris Gayle – Playing For Bangalore, Hit a 119M 6 Against Pune in 2013 | Longest Six in IPL History

The form Gayle was on that day was just fantastic. Hitting 175 runs in just 66 balls was already splendid. Adding to that, he smashed the most extended 6 of 119 m against Left spinner Ali Murtaza sending the ball over the roof of Chinnaswamy Stadium. He is also known as the six-hitting machine in IPL, hitting a massive 357 six in just 142 matches.

Longest Six in IPL History
Longest Six in IPL History

Speaking of the IPL 2023, the following players have the most extended six till now. Longest six in cricket history.

Longest Six in IPL History

  1. Faf Du Plessis115m for Bangalore against Luchnow 
  2. Tim David – 114m for Mumbai against Punjab 
  3. Jos Buttler112m for Rajasthan against Lucknow 
  4. Shivam Dube111m for Chennai against Lucknow
  5. Andre Russell109m for Kolkata against Dehli. 

However, when considered the Indian PLayer with the most number of Six in IPL history, Rohit Sharma tops the chat with 250 sixes in 233 matches. He is leading the Mumbai Indian for the 2023 season. 

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