Pokemon Go Game Download For Android- Overall Review


Pokemon Go Game Download

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that was developed and published by the Niantic for Android and IOS. This was done in collaboration with The Pokémon company.


The game uses the infrastructure which involves the use of the GPS of the user’s phones to help locate, capture, and train the characters which are the Pokémon. There are over 150 species of Pokémon. Having been launched in 2016, the game was extremely profitable to the organization having over 500 million downloads within the year of release. By 2019 the android game

had been downloaded by over a billion people.

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Steps To Download The Pokemon Go Game Application

The game can be downloaded in the Google play store or the Apple app store depending on the operating system. However, the app isn’t launched in the markets of a few countries, and the game can be accessed in these areas by downloading the APK.

Steps To Download The Pokemon Go APK

For Android:

First, you need to permit the phone to allow downloads from unknown sources. To do so go to the phone settings and under security scroll down until you find “unknown sources” and click on the toggle next to it. Next, go to the Pokémon Go APK webpage with the help of a web browser and click on the download APK. Once the APK is downloaded, click on install.


Download Pokemon Go For Android

For IOS:

Go to your phone settings and sign out of the Apple ID, this is to ensure that the phone believes you are in a region that has access to the game. Next, go back to settings and change the region under Language and Region. Now open your Apple store and search for the Pokémon Go game however if it’s not available then you will have to create a new Apple ID and changing the billing menu and add a new address from the region that is now in your Language and Region option of the phone.

Download Pokemon Go For iOS

Getting started with the game

Before beginning the game, the player needs to create their appearance for the game also called an avatar once this is done the avatar will be displayed on the map based on their current location with the help of GPS. Different Pokémon reside in different parts of the world according to their geographical adaptation, and for example, the water type Pokémon can be found especially near the water bodies.

As the main ideology of the game is to capture Pokémon’s, there are two ways in which the Pokémon can be viewed when it is encountered one can be viewed in AR mode or with the live rendered environment.


To catch a wild Pokémon, you do not have to battle them; instead, you have to flick the poke ball at it, and depending on the Pokémon catch rate, the timing and the type of ball used the Pokémon comes under the ownership of the player. Every Pokémon has a different type of candy which helps in its evolution. The maximum a Pokémon can achieve is level 40.

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This game took the users to a new level of virtual reality so and so that it also increased the foot traffic and was known for causing accidents and creating nuisance in public, where the playing of the game is a part so is the safety, so play safe stay safe.