Top 9 Best Ludo Earning Apps In India 2023 (Without Investment)

Ludo Earning App Without investment, Best Ludo Apk Apps, Best Ludo Earning App in India, Best Ludo Earning App, The users of the internet aren’t just limited to surfing the world wide web, the majority of them are digging something that each individual wanna have, and if you haven’t got the idea, what here am talking about then it’s about earning money via the internet.

Well, there are various forms to get digital cash but Indians prefer Paytm cash as a source of money for easy settlement. And earning Paytm cash has now become easier for the users as many applications are offering free Paytm cash on playing games like LUDO. We all have played the LUDO game in our childhood and now the same game has been translated on your smartphone screen with the bonus of earning free Paytm cash.


best ludo earning apps

It’s just like fun where you get earned on winning each game without paying any type of fee. However, a lot of you guys might think which are those applications that offer free Paytm cash on playing the LUDO game, well the question has been answered within the guide. Ludo Earning App Without investment.


So if you’re a passionate LUDO player that never loses a game and also loves to get free Paytm cash, then this post gonna fill up your digital wallet soon. Hence let’s find out about the applications and start earning. Best Ludo Earning App in India.

Top Best Ludo Earning App In 2023

1. Ludo King Cash | Ludo Earning App Without investment

The popular LUDO King application surrounds you with an opportunity to earn a handsome amount of free cash as Paytm money, the app. requires you to get yourself signed up with Facebook or Gmail and you’re all set to start your favourite game. You may need to download the Ludo king cash application from their website to access the online ludo game, so simply follow the below steps and start earning via play ing LUDO.

  • Download Ludo King Cash
  • Signup via the email address
  • Enter Referral Code – [for signup bonus]
  • Start the LUDO game & redeem the winning amount as Paytm cash
  • Enjoy!

2. Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme offers assured Paytm cash ranging from ₹1 to ₹100 on each successful LUDO battle, and also a free ₹5 signup bonus to initiate the game to reach greater winning milestones. The application isn’t available on the play store, so users are advised to download the apk file from their official website to start earning free Paytm cash. And apart from the signup bonus, the app. offers unlimited referral cash of ₹10, so you and your friend, both can enjoy a free referral bonus. Simply follow the below instructions to get the Ludo supreme application on your smartphone.

  • Download Ludo Supreme App
  • Signup with Gmail
  • Enter Referral Code –
  • At the homepage, join any available LUDO tournament & accomplish the championship
  • Enjoy!

3. Ludo Tez

Another LUDO online game application for winning assured Paytm cash is LUDO Tez. Developed by Upskillz Games company, the game offers you a free ₹10 signup bonus for joining the LUDO tournament and also provides a referral program to let the user earn a huge free Paytm money.

Ludo players just have to download their application via the website, and after a successful signup procedure, they are ready to battle against their friends or strangers to get that free Paytm cash.

  • Download LUDO Tez
  • Register using Gmail Account
  • Login & Enter Referral Code –
  • Join the LUDO game & begin the winning battle
  • Done!

4. Pocket Ludo

Pocket Ludo is the first-ever free Paytm cash LUDO application that lets you play in 2 players mode, as other LUDO applications require a basic 4 player game in order to win the match, however pocket ludo is quite different as compared to those.

There are monthly and quarterly challenges in the application that promises exciting rewards and gifts to their users. And just like other Ludo games, the pocket ludo app. provides a free signup bonus and referral program to multiply the winning amount.

  • Download Pocket Ludo
  • Register using your email id & phone no.
  • Sign in and Accept the signup bonus by entering pocket ludo referral code –
  • Go to dashboard and attend any Ludo match & start defeating to earn free Paytm cash
  • Enjoy!

5. Ludo Ninja

Start preparing with your Ludo strategy, cause winning the Ludo game could get you free Paytm cash using an app. known as Ludo Ninja. From free signup bonuses to surprising rewards, the application has everything that a ludo player wants. So complete the signup form and get a chance to win free Paytm cash, by just winning a ludo game against pro ludo players through the globe.

  • Download Ludo Ninja
  • Enter your mobile no. & verify it via OTP
  • Join the ongoing Ludo battle & use your ludo strategy to win the battle
  • Done!

6. Ludo Empire

The name Ludo Empire itself suggests its position in the list of top ludo game applications. Ludo empire offers a signup bonus of ₹20 to new users which is quite higher as compared to the above-mentioned applications.

You get the option to create your own private ludo space to invite your friends to win against them for a free Paytm cash amount. The Fabzen Technologies developed application is perfect for the ludo players that want entertainment and free Paytm money up to ₹100 on each successful win.

  • Download the Ludo Empire game
  • Complete the registration process & use the referral code to get a signup bonus –
  • Create or join Ludo battle & start earning

7. MPL Live | Ludo Earning App Without investment

Though there’s no need for an introduction to MPL or the Mobile Premier League platform, as the majority of online gaming community users are known about MPL games. But still, for the newbies, the MPL is an online platform that is powered with 60+ games along with the LUDO game which offers free money on succeeding against the other MPL users.

And same as others, you’re gonna get the free signup bonus to initiate the MPL Game & a referral scheme to double up your money in a short span of time. However, to earn free Paytm cash, playing Ludo on the MPL app. would be perfect for you as it’s more stable and genuine.

  • Download MPL app
  • Verify your basic personal details like Email & Mob.
  • Complete KYC verification for post-withdrawal process
  • Play the LUDO game & start filling the MPL wallet
  • Enjoy!

8. Playerzpot

Playerzpot is the ‘adda’ of fantasy sports games that aims to earn money by team prediction and sports analytic skills. Games like cricket, football, and kabaddi are the most preferred ones in the fantasy apps world, however, games like LUDO are also there to keep the sports alive. Similarly, player pot also has a LUDO game that offers free money on each winning game, so create an account on Playerzpot and start playing LUDO on it.

  • Download Playerzpot
  • Enter your mobile no., email id, dob & password
  • Verify the details one-by-one
  • Use Playerzpot Ludo Referral Code –
  • Head over to games section & hit Ludo to start the game
  • Done!

9. Gamezy

Gamezy is another fantasy application that runs over 15+ online games to get free money that is redeemable via bank account and Paytm wallet. The ludo game which gamezy has is termed ‘Super Ludo’ that offers the best gaming experience as popular ludo online games.

There are missions, daily challenges along with leaderboards to earn various rewards and cashback. So begin the triumph phase and get that cash over the table.

  • Download Gamezy app
  • Signup via Email & Mobile number
  • Complete the verification process and log in to your gamezy account
  • Enter Gamezy Referral Code – FREE100
  • Start the Gamezy Super Ludo game & Bring all your colored pawns home before your opponent does to win
  • Best of luck!

Final Words

It seems quite easier when it comes to getting your hands over digital cash, but it’s not that simple and neither complicated. And earning Paytm cash by playing games is quite a similar experience that a user goes through.

Though there are hundreds of applications out there that offer free Paytm money, earning a single rupee isn’t a promising one. But I hope the above-listed applications are gonna make you win for the free Paytm cash, and if you’ve any genuine suggestions about any such application, then let us know in the comments section below.