Donkey Loot Invitation Code: Earn $5 Daily By Paying Games 


Donkey Loot App, Donkey Loot APK Download: Donkey loot Refer And Earn: Donkey loot is a superb app for everyone looking for a part-time job or a passive source of income, and it is best for homemakers, and students as it lets its user can earn money from it from the comfort of their homes. In this Latest app, you will have to complete an offer or survey or even view an advertisement and get an opportunity to win a hefty commission from it.


Donkey Loot Invitation Code

Donkey loot works with various advertisements and shares commissions with their users. Every time you perform a task you are asked to, a significant portion of commissions go directly to the prize pool and is distributed among its active users. The withdrawal process is simple, and it takes between 2-4 mins and from time to time up to 24 hours which rarely happens because of the low speed of the payment service providers.

The additional feature is that you can use the website from any browser, and don’t require any downloads making it simply accessible on both PC and laptops.

Donkey Loot invitation Code APK App Download 

This app also has an attractive feature meaning that when you sign up using someone’s invitation code, you will benefit from this app, so use the Donkey loot invitation code mentioned below and enjoy and exploit this app to your fullest.

App NameDonkey loot
Donkey loot APK DownloadClick Here 
Donkey loot invitation codeTCVEHJ
Donkeyloot invitation code benefits Get 50 hearts live

Things To Do That Will Let You Earn More on Donkey Loot?

Donkey Loot Invitation Code

Other than playing games and answering surveys, there are different ways to earn donkey loot, such as 

  • Completing offers 
  • Inviting friends 
  • Disabling AdBlock 
  • And staying active on the app 

You will have to keep in mind that random factors decide the complete reward algorithm process, and these are not disclosed publicly. 

However, by doing the following mentioned above, you get more rewards.

How To Invite Friends on The Donkey Loot App?

To invite friends on the donkey loot app, you have to share your personal invitation code or link so that you get rewards when they join.

Also, when someone joins using your donkey loot invitation code or link, they appear on your friend list.

Follow the steps mentioned below, and you get to be able to share it very easily 

  1. Start by downloading the donkey app or signing up using their official website.
  2. If you are signing up for the first time,  click on the join now option
  3. enter your details such as email, username, and password, and click on I am not a robot option.
  4. When from your homepage, go to the option invite and click on it.
  5. You will be able to see your donkey loot referral code and link 
  6. Share this link on your social media platforms, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, or SMS 
  7. Once someone signs up using your invitation code, you will get 5xp coins for every verified user
  8. Also, claim free lives by playing the donkey game 
  9. And enjoy!

What Are The Benefits of Using a Donkey Loot Invitation Code?

When you sign up using the donkey invitation code, you get 50 heart lives that users can use to shake the pinata, which gives you rewards.

How To Get More Lives And Rewards On The Donkey Loot?

Just follow the steps mentioned below and get what you want. 

  1. Start by downloading the app from the link mentioned above, and you can also use their official website –
  2. Click on the join now option. 
  3. Create a unique user name for yourself and a valid email address; you will have to enter a donkey loot invitation code to get 50 lives when you sign up.
  4. When you sign up using their invitation code, you get 50 hearts meaning that you can shake the donkey 50 times using that bonus. 
  5. Shaking the donkey is also a game. Play the pinata game and the shake the donkey game to collect rewards.
  6. To claim heart, you must click on the dashboard every 15 mins. 
  7. Sometimes the donkey might be empty. It all depends on your activeness in the app and your completed task on the app. Keep your heart strong if you get no reward this time. You will get more next time. Just keep on playing!
  8. You can use the donkey points to either enter a cash raffle or other game features. 
  9. These donkey points are different from the cash balance, and these points can only be used for internal purposes – to find these points to destroy the pinatas or reach the required achievement in the achievement section.
  10. The best way to get more lives is by completing surveys, inviting friends, or requesting lives from other users.


This app is a great way to earn money by doing simple tasks from home, making it perfect for almost everyone. This app has an invitation-only policy making the use of invitation codes important 

For any problem, you can contact their customer service 24/7 to answer your situation, and you can find the answer to your questions here

Some questions related to the donkey loot invitation code 

  • Why can’t I see my friends on my friend list?

Your friend will have to verify their email before they appear on the list .howver one thing you will have to remember is that they only accept unique registrations and perform rigorous referral checks for every referral, so any dishonest way might get you canceled on the app.

  • Reasons why I didn’t receive a verification mail?

As a user, you will have to ensure that you will have to enter a reliable email provider such as Gmail. Do check your spam folder and mark their messages as necessary to get notifications when you receive them in the future. 

  • Why is my page showing an “incorrect or an expired” link?

It happens if you have already clicked on your previous link or requested another link and then tried to click on your older one.

When you request a new link, wait until you get a new one and then share.