The EA Sports Giant All Games Download For Android – Overall Review


EA Sports is the second-largest gaming company globally, posting net revenue of 5.15 billion in 2018, with all projections The EA Sports Giant steady growth.


At present the Electronic Arts (EA Games), the frenzy has developed a network of design, arts and creativity experts globally leaning strongly on its commitment for developing and supporting healthy communities, the motivation to its employees is to always look for new solutions and thinking out of the proverbial box.

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It is this commitment to strive to always be more creative and motivation to continually grow and develop one’s skill set that has certainly earned EA the crown of leadership within the gaming world as a commitment to their statement “Games are for everyone, and building healthy communities is EA’s responsibility.”

A humble apple employee by the name of Trip Hawkins founded Electronic Arts back on May 27th, 1982.

Being responsible and part of the team developing the gaming and design sector for apple, EA launched its first independent game release in 1987 called Skate or Die.

Following this in 1991, EA founded its Electronic Arts Sports Network with the Launch of the FIFA soccer series in 1993. The idea behind the FIFA series was that it would dominate the European soccer gaming audience as with gridiron football with Madden NFL.

Today EA sports boasts over 300 Million registered users through its ORIGIN online platform where users may purchase, download, and play any of the currently available sports titles globally.

Some of the sports games available today within the EA name include FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live, NHL, and EA Sports UFC. Amongst the EA community accolades such as exceptional graphics, real live commentators, real expert input in the design, and creativity of the games allows the players to experience almost live simulated matches, playing alongside their hero’s in the most well-known stadiums and arenas globally.

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With the constant of digital influence throughout our professional and everyday lives its platforms such as ORIGIN that have provided gaming as motivating creativity, communication, logical thinking and problem-solving here the next generation of leaders in this industry are digitally literate at a much earlier age with education and learning occurring simultaneously whilst playing games.

Other than playing the games what makes EA’s community ORIGIN most attractive is the network that allows communication and sharing of experiences between players no matter where they are in the world or the console on which they play EA Sports games are available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and at very affordable subscription prices making true then the statement that “Games are for everyone, and building healthy communities is EA’s responsibility.”

I invite you to hop onto ORIGIN and discover the realm of EA Sports Games, and you may find yourself contributing to the next generation of EA games where gaming really is for everyone, here you may write your own reality and make some friends along the way.

Using your browser, click on this link ORIGIN, then go to the REGISTER tab and follow the instructions. Please note you will need to be at least 16 years of age to be able to purchase and download games through the ORIGIN platform, and you must have a valid credit card. If you are a child or under 16 years of age, please consult with your parents and get their approval to create an ORIGIN account and select the games you wish to purchase and play.