List – Top 10 Best Fantasy Sports Apps For Football, NBA & Baseball

Not only for Cricket, Fantasy Apps are also there for Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.


List Of Top Best Fantasy Sport’s App – Footfall, Baseball & NBA…


Fantasy Gaming Application

Craze for sports like football, baseball, basketball and hockey always had a pre-domination in the mind and heart of sport enthusiasts since decades. The advent of android technology and increased availability of internet data has taken this addiction to the next level.

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Initially, people were satisfied by watching the live or highlights of the matches associated with football, baseball, basketball and hockey. But the new technology has provided sports enthusiasts with a new platform to culture their passion.

It is of being part of or organising Fantasy sports. It is nice to fantasize your gaming expectations by means of these applications.

In this method, a player can make team with other players online and create a sports team for football, baseball, basketball and hockey respectively. Chances are that you’re here because it’s time for your favourite sport to begin its season. You’re looking for a fun way to get in on the action and Fantasy Gaming Applications are a good choice for Fantasy Sports. It’s fun, competitive, and low energy. Just set your rosters, make your trades, and do some free agency. Then watch the game. We can help you find some really good fantasy sports options. Here are the best fantasy sports apps for Android!

Here Are The List Of Top Best Fantasy Sport’s App For Football, NBA & Baseball (2020)

  1. CBS Fantasy Sports 

CBS Sports Fantasy is one of a few all-in-one fantasy sports apps. It features live and mock drafts, season projections for each player, player news, draft help, and more. The team management pages are clean and unobtrusive. That’s a good thing since there is so much information to digest. It covers fantasy baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. That means you can hop from one to the next every year as needed. It has a few issues here and there. Most issues aren’t too bad, though.

  1. Draft Punk 

Draft Punk is for fantasy football only. It allows you to do perform mock drafts, track over 1,000 players, and more. You can also add your league’s scoring settings for a more personalized mock draft. It’s an excellent companion app for fantasy football fans. Additionally, the app has a ton of data sourced from all kinds of places. Most draft kit style stuff like this is online only. We guess football is special in this case. This is a good one for fantasy football fans.

  1. Sleeper 

This is the app where friends hang around with sports. You can compete with friends in the multiplayer mode by managing a team of real NFL Players on this beautifully simple drafting interface. It is a next level matchup interface which very prominently features mascots as well. From the ground up, it is built for mobile due to its features which makes research and team building very easy. You can get fast and instant updates on scores and game statistics.

The brand new mode of the application allows you to pick players in Sweet 16 and Final Four combinations. Its blazing fast modern chat feature allows you to communicate with every league and group.  You can direct message anyone along with functionalities of sending images, GIFs, emojis and many more.

  1. Draft Wizard 

Draft Wizard is one of the better fantasy football apps. It features mock drafts, info on most players, cheat sheets, a draft analyzer, and many more features which makes it one of the leading applications in its segment. It also features a live draft assistant. The app is compatible with a number of platforms, including Yahoo, CBS,, MyFantasyLeague, RT Sports, Fantrax, and NFFC. This one can get a little expensive. That price may drive many away and that’s fine. There are other draft kit and mock draft apps out there that cost less if you’re on a budget. The developers also have fantasy apps for baseball as well. It is available free of cost with in-app purchase.

  1. ESPN Fantasy Sport 

ESPN Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular fantasy sports apps. It supports the core sports. It has fantasy basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. You can create private leagues or join public leagues. It also comes with Material Design, player rankings, projections, mock drafts, and more. You can even get weekly emails to track your performance. It has some problems. Most all-in-one fantasy sports apps do. However, it’s nothing overly serious. They also recently transferred their Streak or Cash game into this app.

  1. DraftKings 

You’ve probably heard of DraftKings before. They boast about huge winnings that no one ever gets through their daily and weekly fantasy pools. It’s true that you’re probably not going to quit your job become a full time fantasy jockey. However, the app can still be fun. It supports a ton of sports, including fantasy basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and even Nascar, MMA, and the CFL. It’s a bit scammy, but it does have free games that you can play as well as paid. We don’t recommend the expensive paid leagues. That’s just throwing away money. Otherwise, there should be some fun stuff here for most. Draft is kept at no.6 in top best fantasy sports apps.

  1. FanDuel 

ESPN Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular fantasy sports apps. It supports the core sports. It has fantasy basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. You can create private leagues or join public leagues. It also comes with Material Design, player rankings, projections, mock drafts, and more. You can even get weekly emails to track your performance. It has some problems. Most all-in-one fantasy sports apps do. However, it’s nothing overly serious. They also recently migrated their Streak or Cash game into this app. It’s not very good yet.

  1. Yahoo Fantasy Sports 

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is another one of the most popular fantasy sports apps. It covers most sports. That includes fantasy hockey, football, baseball, and basketball. It offers a variety of league types, public leagues you can join, or private leagues that you make yourself. It also has daily leagues, tournaments, and more. They recently began experimenting with paid leagues and events similar to FanDuel or DraftKings. Don’t worry, the regular stuff is still there. Like most, the app can occasionally screw up. However, attentive folks shouldn’t worry too much.

  1. theScore 

theScore is popular for delivering instant game updates, analysis and scores along with breaking sports news. theScore outshines other apps with its event calendar that allows users to keep track of upcoming games, latest scores, highlight plays and statistics for previous games.

Its game reports offer detailed breakdowns for statistic seekers for each play. It also lets you follow teams and players, giving personalized notifications of news and big plays that matter to you.

Plus, you have social features to share stories and game summaries with your mates and followers.

theScore brings you news, scores, stats, sports betting coverage and videos from NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, MLB Baseball and other major league and competition. The app allows you to get instant access to the fastest possible scoring updates and data, real-time odds and additional betting content.

The chat and messaging features of the apps helps you to connect with other fans around the games and content you love. It is fast, comprehensive and simpler to use.

  1. Bleacher Report 

Bleachers Reports stands out among other similar sports apps by going beyond the generalist approach in offering accurate details about your favourite team or franchise.

It constantly encourages users to define their sports taste and game interests and pick their favourites. Based on selection of users, the app delivers relevant, real-time notifications gathered from various online sources.

Users will get stories, scores, pictures and related videos on their chosen preferences which also include latest breaking news in sports from blogs, print media and websites. Users can also send alerts, as soon as stories break across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, all world football leagues, and much more.

The application provides live news, scores, schedules, stats, and standings of the major sports and leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, MLS, UFC, WWE and much more. It also allows you to sync your fantasy account and get the latest stats and info about your players. You can know about the latest rumours, news, and predictions of all the leagues you follow.

With the Fantasy Sports panel, you get the following features –

  1. a) Custom Fantasy Scoring System:

With the Fantasy Sports Mobile App, you can also choose Custom Fantasy Scoring System so that you can keep league scoring in a proper format.

When it comes to Fantasy Scoring System, there are three popular types of scoring systems that are widely used.  One of them is Standard Scoring System, the Second one is Points Per Reception System and the third one is Individual Defensive Player.

  1. b) Fantasy Analytics Software:

Get the best in class Fantasy Analytics Software for in-depth stats and real-time information for team and players.   With this smart Fantasy Analytics Solution, keep records of all information and data in the most accurate way.

  1. c) Data Integration Solution:

No matter, where you’re combining your data? With the Data Integration Solution, you can get your data securely into any data warehouse.

  1. d) Fantasy Sports AR Solution:

Enhance the gaming experience with emerging AR/VR technologies. You can get the best features in your Fantasy Sports App with AR/VR that makes the fantasy sports more realistic and interesting.

  1. e) E-Commerce Integrations:

This is the best way to give your users a platform to buy their favourite sports-related stuff in just a few taps on their smartphone. So, choosing the eCommerce Integration with a fantasy sports app is not only a smart idea but profitable too.

User Panel

  1. Registration/ Log In:

Users can register or log into the app using the user name, email id, contact number, password, and referral code (if available).

  1. Home Screen:

This is the main screen where users will land after login to the fantasy sports app. The entire match listing is displayed here.  In this section, users can search by leagues, type of sports, match category. Also, the user can view match listing, teams, match dates, and timings.

  1. Contest:

In this section, the user can view the entire contest listing for the respective match. Also, the user can filter the contest by Entry Fee Range, Wining Range, Contest type, Contest Size, and others. A user can select the desired contest and join.

  1. Join Contest:

Under this section, users need to pay the desire entry fee to join the contest.

  1. Payment Mode:

You can make an online payment using the Debit Card/Credit Card/Digital Wallet/ Application Wallet or referral cash bonus cash points.

  1. Create Your Own Contest:

With a few taps on their smart phones, users can create their own contest by entering the necessary details like Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, Contest Size and Entry Fee.

  1. My Contest:

Under this section, the user will be able to view the list of joined contestants. Also, they can edit/pick their selective team players and filter by match types.

  1. Dashboard:

Under this section, the user will be able to view, edit and update their profile details. In this section, you will be able to see your earned reward point, account details, and others. Also, users can manage transactions, manage payments, add cash, withdraw winning amounts, invite your friends and earn rewards and Log out.

  1. Settings:

Under this section, users can see other required features of the app.

  1. CMS Section:

The section will include About Us, Help, Contact Us and others.

Admin Panel

  1. Admin Login:

Firstly, the admin has to login using its user name and password.

  1. Dashboard:

This section will give you stats of fields such as Total Matches, Total Contestants and Total Earnings.

  1. User Manager:

Admin can manage all details like Add/ Edit/Delete/Active and Deactivate Accounts.

  1. Manage Matches:

Admin can manage matches like Add/Edit/Delete/Active and Deactivate Matches.

  1. Sports Category:

Admin can manage all categories of sports.

  1. Contest Manager:

In this section, admin can manage entire match contests of the application and can add/edit/delete/Active/Deactivate the contests.

  1. Manage Earnings:

Admin can view the complete earnings from Fantasy Sports App using the various filters.

  1. Manage Payment:

Admin can manage the various modes of payments of the application.

  1. Manage Multiple Reports:

Admin can generate reports of the matches, contests, total earning, player ranking reports and others.

  1. Manage Payment Withdrawal Requests:

Admin can able to view the payment withdrawal requests of users in their respective banks.  Admin can accept/ reject the payment withdrawal requests.

  1. CMS Pages:

Admin can manage all kinds of CMS Pages available in the fantasy sports application.

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