IHD Trolls: Join Best Facebook Troll Group In India


IHD Trolls: Join Best Facebook Troll Group In India


Best Facebook Troll Group In India

Love us, we will love you back…
Hate us, we will try to win you back…
Welcome to the family……..

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IHD Trolls?: Our very own Facebook Group where you can Live, Love, Laugh out all your tensions from all the daily routines. There are many troll groups and pages on facebook but IHD Trolls is One Of The Best Facebook Troll Group In India. Now, Some of you will definitely have this question that what is trolling, how does it differ from bullying, why IHD trolls are the best troll group on facebook. So guys In this post I will take you on a brief IHD troll tour and will also give you a definite reason to join us on our own facebook troll group.


First of all, I will give you a small briefing about What is Troll and Why Troll.

Ignoring the fact about life being tough, hard, busy, boring, we all need a little happiness in life. Social Media is of the biggest platform to take a break from daily faces. I know people will say the family is happiness and real-life friends are better than the virtual one. But Amidst the fact that social media is outgrowing the real-life things nowadays and Facebook groups are one of the best things to achieve your mental peace and take a break from your real-life contacts.

According to Wikipedia, A troll  is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,often for the troll’s amusement but in my sense troll is just a way of laughter for youngsters like us. We today spend 8 to 9 hours on Social media so we all need to live an amazing social life and trolling provides that. We love making friends and laughing with them offline or online is trolling.

Join Best Facebook Troll Group In India

Why To, Join IHD trolls: ?

We are amazed by the tremendous response you guys show in our articles and we just want a special bond with you guys and this and only this is the reason we made IHD Trolls. IHD trolls is one of the Best Facebook Troll Group In India, as we know how to create bonds. We all have seen groups on  Facebook with the aim of deal stuff and daily offers, even our facebook group Indian Hot Deal is for deals but our very own group IHD trolls gives you a dose of laughter


Listed below are the main reasons to join best troll group on facebook IHD trolls

  • Best possible dank and funny memes
  • Direct show on some popular members of the group
  • That oldest girls vs boys are something we all love.
  • Strict rules for abusers
  • Weekly and monthly giveaways
  • Chances to get popular and make new friends

Some of you will say that we have pages like AIB, Bakchod Billi, Sarcasm etc for all this stuff and I will say yes that these pages make us laugh but here it is all different, How? I will tell you. Comments and likes you do on Facebook pages are public and can be seen by your family members yes mummy daddy too but our IHD trolls is a closed group and unless you add your parents to the group we will never add them. So troll comment and enjoy the way you, want.

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Join Best Facebook Troll Group In India

How To Join IHD Trolls ( Best Facebook Troll Group In India  )

  • Click Here To Join IHD Trolls
  • Answer Few Question Before Joining Group
  • After Getting Approval By Group Admin
  • Click On Pinned Post And Read All Group Rules
  • Boom | You Are Now Part Of IHD Family

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Best Facebook Troll Group In India

Some Rules Of IHD Trolls:

Rules are made to cover that line between healthy or unhealthy troll. These days a lot of cyber complaints are filed because of the online harassment but Facebook groups are not for harassment but it is for making new friends and families. So we tried to make this group safer for all ages so that people can enjoy unlimited.

Below are the rules listed for the best troll group on facebook

  •  No nudity / porn.
  • Take admin’s permission if you want to promote anything.
  •  Posts related to anything illegal such as carding are not allowed.
  •  Abusing should be in limits, members involved will be muted or blocked. Depends on the volume of abuse
  •  Religious or racist posts/comments not permitted.
  • Selling in the group not allowed
  •  Mis-use of the group not allowed, such as mass reporting other pages and profiles without asking the admin.

Also, You guys can report a post to the admin of the group if you feel abused and harassed. We will take care

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Weekly And Monthly Giveaways ☺

We IHD trolls provide a chance for our members to earn from giveaways weekly we donate about Rs 500 to our members in the form of various competitions or by the comment system


So you should also join our IHD trolls and try to earn with laughter

Below are the pics attached for reference

IHD Trolls: Join Best Facebook Troll Group In India

IHD Donation Campaign

You give but little when you give of your possessions, It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. We IHDians Believe in helping. So we run a campaign where we collect funds and help any 1 member of our group ho need funds for any medical issue. Like this year, we did our 1st donation where we, IHDians collected Rs 50000 for a mother suffering from Skin Cancer. At that very moment, 21000 people felt proud to be IHDian And we tend to feel proud in all future coming years. We did our second donation in June 2019, When a member of our facebook group lost his right hand while working in the industry. Our group member together collected an amount more than Rs. 70,000. It made a great contribution to his treatment. At that very moment, 5000+ people felt proud to be IHDian And we tend to feel proud in all future coming years.

So if you will join our group you may also contribute to this beautiful social deed and be proud to be an IHDian.


Some Best Posts for IHD trolls

To Be Updated Soon…

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  1. I love this group’s post and many members like zahid manzoor,sanyam jain aur apne shubham bhai gjbb group h yrr
    Guys join this group please nahi bolunga qki isme aane k baad aap hee kahoge ki please kyu nhi bola pehle ek baar me join kr lete aur bhai mstt bkchodiya marte h koi

  2. I am a member of this group from More than a Year. It is the one of the best troll group you will find on the facebook. Members are usulally very polite but yes, there are quarell many time but we enjoy that too making memes on member is one of the most common posts memes of this group are also shared and get in trending many times due to the popularity and sincerety of group. One of the est facebook family group you will found on internet.