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Limeroad Price Drop And Get Free Products |


Limeroad Price Drop

Get Free Product From Limeroad, Just Drop The Price by Inviting Your Friends, Friends Will Open your Open Link > Cur The Price > You Get Free Product

Steps To Get Free Products From Limeroad:

  • Open This Link Click Here
  • Click Cut The Price
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Enter OTP
  • Click free products
  • Choose any product you want to get it free..
  • Share your link and cut price
  • Each click can cut Price (0-100) RS.
  • You can check your progress in my cutting section

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Limeroad Price Drop Rules:

  • Customers can get products free by simply participating in the game. No payment is involved.
  • Choose your favourite product, invite friends to help you cut the price. As long as price is cut to Rs 0 within 24 Hrs, you will get product for free. All the cost of product and shipping is borne by Limeroad.
  • You can start as many “cut the price” as you like. Although Likelihood of success is more if you start only one at a time.
  • Amount cut by each friend is random (0-100). It’s easy to succeed, simply bring more and more friends.
  • Your friends need to verify their mobile number to help you cut the price.
  • You can help upto 3 friends to cut the price, value of second cut is lower than first cut and so on. For the same “cut the price” you can only help once.
  • After you have successfully cut the price to Rs 0 , you can claim your reward by clicking on “Claim” button , we will give you LR credits (1 Credit = ₹ 1) equal to the selling price of the product in your Limeroad account.
  • You can place order for the product at Rs 0 after choosing size and selecting delivery address and applying LR credits claimed on checkout.
  • If the product goes out of stock or your size is unavailable, you can use those LR credit to buy anything on Limeroad.

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