Podeum Invite Code, Podeum APK Download, Podeum App Download, Podeum App Refer Earn: With the recent cricket season, many cricket lovers are going forward to some new ways of cricket entertainment .now that day we will be discussing an app called Podeum. This is free of cost platform for any and every cricket fan in India. It is considered India’s best online sports community.


You can play and host fantasy contests, amazing sports quizzes, games prediction, and many more while the cricket match is on. This platform lets you enjoy social games with your friends and family and helps you win big rewards. Sometimes some pods have rewards you can win by answering them correctly.

Podeum App Refer Earn

As a user, you can create and invite only pods so that only your friends can participate. You can also win rewards from this entertaining app without working or by solving quizzes. All you have to do is refer the app to your friends and family to earn a reward.

Podeum App Refer Earn | Podeum App Referral Code

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Download Podeum App


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Why Do I Choose The Podeum?

Using Podium, you can participate in free-to-play multiplayer games during live sports events.

They have various games ranging from fantasy, cricket, live match prediction, and many more. That makes your gaming experience so much better.

Podeum App Refer Earn

Also, you will not have to give any participation fee, and you can win rewards in the form of different gift vouchers that can be used to get discounts up to Rs 100.


You can be both the host and player on this platform and enjoy it in every way you want.

How To Get Rs.100 FREE Voucher On Podeum App?

Download Podeum App

  1. You will first have to Download the Podeum app from either the google play store or the app store.
  2. When the app is installed, on clicking the app, you get the option to either see the introduction of the app or skip it all total to start.

Podeum App Refer Earn3. You will find the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the home page. 

4. Click on that.

5. You will have to sign up using your – full name and username (for the username, it has to contain a-z with a special character )


6. Once you have signed in, your profile will open, and on scrolling the screen down, you will find the option of referring a friend. Podeum App Refer Earn.


7. Click on that, and this page will open. 

8. There you will get a Podeum referral link .on clicking the share icon next to it, and you can share your Podeum link on any social media platform and through email or SMS

9. Now go back to Podeum’s main home page and join any five free pods available from your dashboard.  


10. To join the Podeum, click on the join pod option. 

11. And you are done | Podeum App Refer Earn.

12. If anyone uses your Podeum link to make an account and follows five pods from their account, they get Rs 100 gift voucher on Flipkart.

So, invite your friends to this Podeum app and claim your rewards and cashback.

What are the terms and conditions of the Podeum refer and earn program in India?


The terms and conditions for the refer and earn program of the Podeum app are very simple 

  1. Before sharing your link, you will have to follow five free pods 
  2. When your friend logs in using your referral link, they will have to follow five free pods 
  3. Self-referral is not allowed and is acceptable 
  4. and you win Rs 100 gift voucher for every referral.

What are the benefits of sharing Podeum referrals?

Podeum App Refer Earn: The benefit of sharing the podium referral code is very satisfying as you get a gift voucher of Rs 100 for every referral, so refer as many people as you can and win free Rs 100 vouchers.

How Can I Use The Received Podeum Referral Link?

Download Podeum App

You will receive a Poduem referral link via any social media platform or communication platform 

  1. Click on that podium link 
  2. As soon as you click the link, your play store or the app store will open 
  3. And you get the option to download the podium app 
  4. Click on that and install the app 

Podeum App Refer Earn


5. Once the app is installed, open the Podeum app 

6.  And sign up to form an account using your email id and username 

7. And then, you will have to follow five free pods, and once you have done it 

8. Podeum App Refer Earn. You will be rewarded with Rs 100 gift vouchers. 

Some questions related podium refer and earn program –

  • What type of gift vouchers are given out as a reward for a referral?

Currently, the gift vouchers given out are from amazon. however, different types of gift vouchers will be available soon 

  • How to payout process happen?

This feature is yet to be introduced, and it will be introduced in a short time.

  • What is the responsibility of a host for a pod?

To disburse the payout within 24 hours after the winners are announced 

  • Who sponsors rewards on the podium?

The host currently sponsors the rewards. this app does not create rewards by using participation fees 

  • What to do if the reward is not yet given?

In case you don’t receive the reward, you can reach out to their customer care email – [email protected] 

  • Does every pod have a reward?

Some pods on Podeum have rewards for the winners, while others don’t. 


The Podeum and the pod or event host determine the reward amount and distribution process of the reward for the winner.

So to summarize, this all-in-one sports app is a must for every cricket fan out there who wishes to have fun with their friends and family even when they are not together.

You can always win rewards via this app by winning quizzes and games. Still, the fastest way to win rewards without doing anything is to refer this app to your friends and family using your referral code and win Rs 100 gift vouchers for every referral.

For any quarry, you can contact their customer care by email – [email protected]

So go ahead and share this app with your friends and family to win amazing rewards and cash back while having fun.