Smallcase Referral Code, Smallcase App Download, Smallcase Refer And Earn, Smallcase APK Download, Smallcase Review: Investing in equities or stocks might sound difficult and tiring. This first thing in your mind reduces your desire to earn money passively using it. For 5 years, the Small Case platform has been hard to simplify the process of investing in equity for its users. With over 7 lakh people using it to build a transparent and long-term portfolio with a multifarious background at a lower cost, the Small Case platform has become a go-to place for people when they wish to invest.


Smallcase Referral Code

KeyFeatures Of SmallCase App:

A Small Case is a basket of stocks and ETFs weighted intelligently to track a theme, strategy, or objective. sing the Small Cases, you can invest in ideas you want to believe, making them different from others.

  • Low volatility – giving stable returns at a low volatility rate level 
  • Thematic – access to different portfolios on disruptive ideas and long-term trends 
  • Low inv. Amount – allowing its users to start investing at as low as 500
  • Tracker – giving its user exposure to important sectors of the current economy.

Who does not like free stuff? Other than earning money by investing, there is another simple way to earn money without doing anything in general – in Small Cases, a referral code. 

Share the Small Case app with your friends and family and earn rewards. Read below to know more.


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Small Case Referral Code APK App Download 

A Small Case referral code is a unique referral code for different users. When you share your referral code with your friends and family, and they sign up using it and fulfill all requirements, you get points. Using these points, you can invest in Small Cases without transaction fees.

So, share this app using your referral code to earn this benefit.

App Name SmallCase 
SmallCase App Download Download Now
Small Case Referral Code 9tNaKjmbcsb
Referral Bonus Rs.300 points 

Enter Smallcase Referral Code: 9tNaKjmbcsb

  • Usually, you get charged a one-time fee of Rs 100 + GST when you invest in a Small Case. Using 300 referral points, you can remove the first-time charges. Letting you enjoy investing experience that is powerful, fast, and free!

How To Share SmallCase With Friends And Family Using The SmallCase Referral Code 

Smallcase Referral Code



Smallcase APKP Download

  • Start by Downloading the app from the play store or app store or clicking on the link mentioned above.

  • After the installation process, open the app. 
  • You must enter your mobile number and verify it using the OTP sent to your number.

  • After you have verified your OTP, you will have to enter a username for yourself and click on confirm.
  • Enter your name.

Smallcase Referral Code

  • This will be your homepage.smallcase refer and earn
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • It will look like this.
  • Click on the invite and earn the option from all available options. 

smallcase refer and earn

  • You will see a new page with your referral link on clicking that.smallcase refer and earn

 Smallcase Referral Code: 9tNaKjmbcsb

  • Click on the share icon next to smallcase refer and earn Rs.300 
  • And you will now be able to share your Small Case referral code with your friends and family via different social media and communication platforms such as – WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, email, and many more.
  • Once you have shared, all you have to do now is wait, and when your friend uses your referral code and connects broker account. 
  • You get Rs 300 and much more.

Benefits of Sharing The SmallCase Referral Code 

When you share the Small Case referral code, you get 300 points when your referee connects to their broker account. 

Using 300 referral points, you can remove the first-time charges.

Letting you enjoy investing experience that is powerful, fast, and free!

So, share this app using your referral code to earn this benefit.

Terms And Conditions of sharing the SmallCase Referral Code 

Like other refer and earn programs, this app also has its terms and conditions, which users must follow to earn rewards. 

  • The reward may be of various types – cash rewards, coupon rewards, fresh subscriptions, renewal discounts, and many more. 
  • The small case does not allow users to purchase rewards using real-world money.
  • None of the rewards includes betting or wagering of real-world money.
  • Participation in the refer and earn program is completely voluntary. 
  • The selection of users who get the reward is decided by small cases and is final.
  • The users will not be able to participate if they are prohibited from participating by the state, municipality, or any other local governing body.

How Can I Check The Points I Earned By Using My SmallCase Referral Code?

Download Smallcase App
  1. Open the small case app.
  2. And log in to your account. 
  3. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and below smallcase refer and earn, you will find the reward option, click on that, and you will be able to see all about the rewards you have earned.

How many people can one user refer to using their Small Case referral code?

Users can invite up to 10 people to small cases using their small case referral code to earn rewards. smallcase refer and earn.


To summarise, the small case is a brilliant app created and managed by leading professionals who are also SEBI-registered research analysis and investment advisors making it safe and secure. It is also fully customizable and flexible according to the users’ needs. And with the small case referral code, you get additional benefits, so go ahead and refer this app to your friends and family to get rewards!

For any inconvenience or problem, you can always contact their customer service, with is open for its users 24/7 – you can email them or contact their help center for answers.

Happy investing!