Wimo App Referral Code: 0UUYC3 I know you guys were looking for a brand-new money-earning app where you can easily earn money. So, in this article, I am going to tell you about a new prediction app called Wimo, where you can earn money by giving simple predictions on the app. Wimo is an app where you can foretell or predict the results of certain events, and if your prediction is correct, you’ll win real cash.


wimo app referral code

For instance, you can predict whether the rate of Bitcoin will reach a higher price or not. You can place a bet of Rs. 1 to Rs. 10 on each trade in the Wimo app. In this article, we’ll be going to discuss the features and Refer and Earn scheme of the Wimo app in detail. But before this, let’s understand why you should use Wimo app?

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What is the Wimo app?

Wimo is a reliable opinion trading platform that uses the accumulated wisdom of the crowd to unveil or demystify real-world events that matters to you. Wimo is an exploration of the truth platform where users can utilize their skills and awareness to finalize the outcomes of real-world events with easy answers of YES and NO. As with other trading exchanges (or marketplace), users will have several opinions (in terms of YES and NO) about the outcome of the real-world events.

Wimo uses the variations of these opinions in trading opportunities. With the help of these variations, Wimo users will easily analyze the trends, set a price for their opinions, and trade on their opinions with other users on the same platform. As the facts change, the crowd’s opinions and their prospects or probabilities also change with time.

Download Wimo App

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Why you should consider Wimo app? 

Wimo believes that in this platform, your opinion matters, particularly when it is sustained by observation and facts. Wimo allows its users to analyze events, evaluate or assess the merits, and then make an opinion based on their logic and verdict about that event. Wimo motivates its users to convey their substantial opinions and convert them into winnings on a safe, secure, and reliable platform. On the Wimo app, you also learn about the accuracy of events from the accumulated wisdom of different users on the platform.


You’ll be successful on the Wimo app when your opinion matches the results of the events. To be right and accurate for a certain event, you must have –

  • Complete knowledge about the specific event.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the category of the event.
  • Must be able to factor in current and upcoming trends.
  • Must be able to conduct relevant research on a specific topic.

All of the above factors will ensure that you’re furnished with the necessary knowledge to form the right opinion on the Wimo app.

How to Download and Register on the Wimo app? 

To download and create an account on the Wimo app, just follow these simple steps –

Download Wimo App

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the Wimo app on your web browser or click here, which will redirect you to the main website of the Wimo platform.
  • Now, click on the Download App option to download the APK File of the WIMO app and install the application on your Smartphone.
  • Now, open the app and click on Sign In/ Sign Up button to register your account on the Wimo app.
  • Now, enter your Mobile Number and click on the Continue option. If you have a Referral Code: 0UUYC3, click on the Have a Referral Code: 0UUYC3 option and enter the code on the Wimo app.
  • The app will verify your mobile number through One Time Password (OTP). Enter the 4-digit OTP 
    on the Wimo app and click on Verify button.
  • Now, enter your Full Name and Username on the app and click on the Continue option again.
  • After that, click on the Try Demo Trade option if you want to try the demo of the Wimo app, or else click on the Skip button.

After that, the main dashboard of the Wimo app will open where you can trade on multiple predictions based on various categories like Sports, Entertainment, Finance, News, International News, etc. 


How to Trade on the Wimo app? 

  • Firstly, open the Wimo app and log in to your account. Now, in the Trading Events section, you can see multiple poll-related questions of different categories.
  • Now, choose your favorite category like IPL, and give your opinion on the questions in YES or NO format. Now, if you click on YES or NO option, there will be an option to place a bid on your opinion.
  • Now, place a bid from the range of Rs. 1 to Rs. 10 as per your preference. After that, click on the Swipe on Buy option, and your bid will be placed successfully.
  • Now, wait for the results until the event is completed. And, if your opinion matches with the verdict of the event, then you’ll win real cash instantly.

Refer and Earn Scheme of Wimo App 

The Refer and earn program of the Wimo app is quite different from other money-earning apps. If you share your Referral Code: 0UUYC3 with your friends and family members, you’ll get commission-free trades on the app.

In simple words, whenever you trade on the Wimo app, you’ll get free trade with no extra commission charge by referring the code to your friends. Whenever a new user creates an account with your Referral Code: 0UUYC3, you’ll get 3 days of commission-free trades on the Wimo app. You can get up to 30 days of commission-free trading on the Wimo app.

To use the Refer and Earn feature on the Wimo app, simply follow the steps here –

  • Open the Wimo app and log in to your account with your login credentials.
  • Now, click on Refer and Earn option, which is present on the main dashboard of the Wimo app.
  • Now, on the Refer and Earn page, copy the Referral Code: 0UUYC3 and share the code with your friends through Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.

If your friend registers with the Wimo app through your Referral Code: 0UUYC3, then you’ll get 3 days of commission-free trading on the Wimo app. Kindly note that this exclusive Refer and Earn program is valid till May 20, 2022.