Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE: Working Tricks (Jan 2023)


Zomato Pro Plus Membership, Zomato Pro Membership FREE, Zomato Pro Membership Benefits, Zomato Pro Plus Coupon Code, Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE: As you know all guys, Today Zomato is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and the Best food delivery platform that connects different people to different restaurants providing them with doorstep delivery of the food they ordered. As a restaurant owner, it connects your restaurant to people around, promoting your restaurant. This platform has developed a new membership program that lets users rip several exclusive benefits. Swiggy Latest Promo Codes, Zomato Latest promo & Coupon codes


Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE –

Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE

Zomato pro is a membership program introduced by Zomato using which users get several privileges and discounts on some of the best restaurants for dining out and delivery. 

Another advantage of this membership program is that its user gets exclusive privileges on the Zomato app and a unique money-back guarantee. For this membership, users must pay either Rs 200 for three months or Rs 750 for a one-year subscription. Zomato pro plus coupon code.

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What Are Some Advantages And Benefits of Zomato Pro Membership?

This membership comes with a lot of benefits, such as 

  1. Free delivery – any restaurant under 10 km for an order value of more than Rs 199 can get free delivery.
  2. No delay guarantee – this feature ensures that the order is reached at the mentioned time. You will get a Rs 100 voucher if it is late.
  3. Up to 30% off on more than 20,000+ restaurants that are partners with it.
  4. VIP access during the rush hours 
  5. 40% off on dining outs 
  6. There is also no weekly or monthly limit to the discounts you can avail of.

Zomato Pro Plus Membership Free. 

To get Zomato pro, users have to pay either Rs 200 for three months or Rs 750 for a year; however, there are many ways to get a Zomato pro membership for free. Here are some of the best and easy ways to do it. Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE.

Using The Paytm App | Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE

Just follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be done in no time.

  1. Start by going to the Paytm first section on the PayTm app
  2. And click on the Zomato pro offer 
  3. Follow by copying the activation code 
  4. Then download the Zomato app from the play store or app store 
  5. After the installation process is completed, open the app 
  6. Select Zomato pro 
  7. And click on have a membership activate code 
  8. Enter or paste the activation code | Zomato pro plus coupon code.
  9. And you get three months of free subscription for Zomato pro membership.

Using The Zomato Pro Referral Code 

Zomato also runs a promotion where the existing pro member can gift a three months subscription to someone else using their Zomato pro referral code.

  1. To share the Zomato pro referral code, the pro member will have to go to their pro tab, and there you will find a unique code, share that code. 
  2. When you receive the Zomato pro referral code and are not a pro member, open the Zomato app and click on the pro tap. 
  3. Click on I have activation code and enter the code sent by the pro member. 
  4. However, if you are already a pro member, click on your membership section and extend. 
  5. You will have to enter the unique code sent, and you are done there.

Using The Flipkart Plus Membership 

The Flipkart members s are also provided with numerous benefits, and along with others, they get a free Zomato pro membership for three months. They just have to redeem 150 super coins from the app.

  1. Start by opening the Flipkart app and offers, and you will find the option for Zomato pro membership, and you will have to spend 150 super coins for it. 
  2. And you will get an activation code 
  3. Copy the activation code and open the Zomato app 
  4. In the pro section, click on I have an activation code and enter the promo code there. 
  5. And your free Zomato pro membership is activated.

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Zomato Pro Plus | Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE

It is also a part of the Zomato pro membership only. It’s an invite-only program for a limited time.

The benefits are the same as that provided to the Zomato Pro members. 

The only difference is that you don’t have to pay fees, and Zomato will check your eligibility.

To avail of this, you will have to Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE

  1. Open the Zomato app 
  2. And click on your icon. 
  3. On scrolling down, you will see the Zomato gold. Click on that Zomato Pro Plus Membership FREE
  4. And on top, you will find send an invite, click on that 
  5. If you are lucky, you will get an invite code from Zomato, using which you can get a Zomato pro membership without doing anything else.zomato pro plus coupon code

To conclude, the Zomato pro is an excellent offer for anyone who uses the Zomato app daily to go ahead and try these free ways to get a pro membership and save a ton!