You might be familiar with quiz games and trivia games. If not, no need to worry! You have heard about jeopardy, who wants to be a millionaire, family feud, and you are smarter than a fifth-grader in media. What are these? These are  Top quiz Apps For Android Mobile To Earn Money.


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To know more about the quiz and trivia games, go through the contents in the google. Here are some cherry-picked best quiz games and trivia games for android that you can download directly from a single click. All apps are reviewed manually by our experts and 100% safe to play. In this article, we have listed Top Quiz App & Trivia Games For Android Mobile To Earn Money.

Top 10 Best Quiz Games & Trivia Games For Android

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List Of Top 10 Best Quiz App & Trivia Games For Android To Earn Money.

Sr No.App NameDownload Link
1.94%Download 94% Quiz App
2.Hq TriviaDownload HQ Trivia
3.Logo GameDownload Logo Game
4.Millionaire Trivia And JeopardyDownload Now
5.Popcorn TriviaDownload Popcorn Trivia
6.QuizoidDownload Quizoid
7.Trivia 360Download Trivia 360
8.Trivia OnlyDownload Trivia Only
9.QurekaDownload Qureka App
10.LocoDownload Loco App

#Trending List Of Top Best Quiz App

1. 94%

94& quiz app

In the List Of Top Quiz App- 94% app consists of a series of quiz questions like a family feud. You have to give 94% correct answers. For example, you have to guess 94% answers about what a person after they wake up in the morning.

The app consists of 100 questions at every level, and you have to give 94% correct answer to get into the next level.

Download 94% Quiz App

2. Hq Trivia


HQ Trivia is a quiz game developed in 2018 and is the most popular quiz game. The game takes place 12 times a week at 9 PM and 3 PM every day. We have kept HQ Trivia At No.2 In Top Quiz App List.

In this, you have to choose the “unlike anything else in the list.” The host will give you a series of options you have to find the odd one out. If you answer it correctly, you will provide the next round, and if not, you will be eliminated from the game.

Download HQ Trivia

3. Logo Game

logo game

Logo game is a quiz game that consists of 73 levels in which you have to recognize the logo of the 2285 global brands. The difficulty will increase as the level of the game increases.


Download Logo Game

4. Millionaire Trivia And Jeopardy

Millionaire Trivia And Jeopardy

Millionaire trivia and jeopardy is a quiz game that consists of a series of multiple-choice questions, and graphics of the game will make you feel like you are playing the quiz contest in the show.

Download Now

5. Popcorn Trivia

popcorn trivia


Popcorntrivia is a game which consists of movies and film quiz. Each week new videos are added. You can choose a questionnaire according to the video, you know. A single exam has a question of one film only. Popcorn Trivia is at no.3 in the List of top Quiz app & Trivia games.

Download Popcorn Trivia

6. Quizoid


Quizoid is the oldest app in trivia and quiz games. But is still one amongst the most popular apps. Quizoid consists of over 7000 questions about different categories. One level includes a stack of 20 items.


Download Quizoid


7. Trivia 360

trivia 360 game

Trivia 360 provides you the platform for solving questions of different categories like true or false, riddles, and various other categories. The items are generally US-based.

Download Trivia 360

8. Trivia Only

trivia only game

Trivia only asks you a question about different varieties. You have to choose the correct answer among the four options. The correct answer will let you solve another problem. If the answer is wrong, then you will be eliminated.


Download Trivia Only

9. Qureka


Qureka is a live trivia app that allows users to earn money while playing addictive quizzes and games. There are more than 5 Lakh users are enjoying games on Qureka every day. Play those games and redeem your winning directly into your paytm account.

Download Qureka App

10. Loco


Inspired by HQ Trivia — the US app started by Vine Founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll in August 2017 — Loco users need to play a quiz in real-time and earn real Paytm cash if they answer all questions correctly. Download the above apps and solve the exciting quizzes about the topics of your choice. All the apps are freely available in the play store.

Download Loco App

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