Top 10 Troll And Meme Groups In India


Over some time, memes have been relatively popular among the youth of our society. Memes are a fun way to communicate with others. They can be based on politics, current affairs, or anything in general. The relatable caption and the comments are the elements that make these memes even funnier. They can be in the form of photos as well as videos.


best trolls group in india

All groups are unique and famous on their own. You can simply join by clicking on the URL.

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List Of Best Top 10 Meme & Troll Groups

Sr. No.Troll Group NameJoin Link
1. IHD TrollsJoin Now
2.CCMn'tJoin Now
3.Shitindians SayJoin Now
4.Random Screenshots Of IndiansJoin Now
5.Tribe Of Dardnaak JokesJoin Now
6.Punner JanamJoin Now
7.Meme FactoryJoin Now
8.Halal Meme ClubJoin Now
9.Indians On TinderJoin Now
10.Dank Indian MemesJoin Now

List Of Top 10 Troll & Meme Group In India

1. Frb Trolls


This group has around 7k+ members. This group create original content and post some of the best dank memes. Their troll memes are also one of the best in the whole meme community. The group is private, but you can enter quickly by answering the questions to admins or the moderators.

2. CCMn’t

ccmnt facebook group

This group has around 10k members. Most of the original Indian memes circulating on every social media have their roots connected to this group. The community of the group is very humble as well as creative. This group is the very part of the soul of the meme community.

3. Shitindians Say

This group has about 11k members. One single guy manages the group. The group also features the top three memes of the week on the group’s Instagram and Facebook page. The memes and trolls are funny and will surely give you a good and heartily laugh.

4. Random Screenshots Of Indians

This group has about 22k members. As the name suggests, this group is based on the funny and random screenshots of chats of conversations with Indians. The memes are of good quality and innovative. This group calls out the bad things going on in the youth of the society in a funny way.

5. Tribe Of Dardnaak Jokes

This group got about 59k members. This group is based on puns and “dardnaak” jokes that are relatable in day to day life. As the group says “PJs ARE A REFINEMENT OF EVERYDAY SCIENCE” –

You can follow the group and interact with the community if you are interested in PJ’s

6. Punner Janam

This group has about 13k members. This group is also based on Pj’s and puns.

They have a rule that community members can only post memes and trolls, which are original and creative. The memes in the group are funny and hilarious, and they will make your day.

7. Meme Factory

This group has around 55k members. This group promotes content, which is creative. As the name suggests, they have a large community and are devoted to making quality memes in high quantity for all the other pages to run. Give this group a look if you are interested in generic memes.

8. Halal Meme Club

This group contains around 77k members. This group’s people post memes on religious topics and political issues.

The admins and moderators have set rules so that minorities and individuals don’t get offended. They are against hate speech and bullying. You, as a viewer, will enjoy these memes and also can easily share on other platforms.

9. Indians On Tinder

This group has about 7k members. As the name suggests, the people in the group post funny things and trolls about the theme Indians on tinder.

The hilarious things done on tinder by people or their funny bios are some of the things you are going to find on this group. Also, you can get a tip or two about how to break the ice with your tinder matches. People are committed to providing funny edits and memes.

10. Dank Indian Memes

This group has around 1.5k members. Although the community members are less, the edits, screenshots, videos are of top quality and are hilarious.

They collect and produce some of the best dank Indian memes that are available on the internet. Go and join the group if you are interested in some of the dankest memes of India.

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These were the top 10 meme groups that you might be interested in. In this world full of stress and tension, you should take some time out for relief and fun. Many things can help you in the process, and memes are one of them, so help yourself and explore the world of funny memes, and most importantly, don’t forget to laugh.