Virat Kohli could face a one-match interdict for showing disagree at umpire’s judgment.



India skipper Virat Kohli could face a one-match ban after a dispute with umpire Nitin Menon during Day 3 of the 2nd Test. Following India’s review, the trade took place, complete in an umpire’s call, in support of batsman Joe Root.

Virat Kohli, who is well-known for his animated response on the cricket field, stated his displeasure over the umpire’s call. The scene took place when umpire Menon adjudged Joe Root not out after an LBW appeal. Kohli examined the decision and was furious when Root was given a huge thanks to the umpire’s call as the ball-tracking machinery went against India.


Animated Virat Kohli take issue with umpire’s decision

When the umpire’s judgment was confirmed, Virat Kohli walked up to Nitin Menon and showed his disappointment. The Indian captain seemed miserable as he had a chat with the match official.

Kohli’s behavior could land him in problem for showing dissent at an umpire’s judgment. Under the ICC code of conduct, players face a penalty for showing ‘dissent at an umpire’s decision’. Players can also be ticket or suspended if they dispute or enter into an prolonged dialogue with the umpire about his decision.

“He cannot be speaking to umpires like that and inciting the crowd. He should be setting a much better example. Someone in his camp should be having a word and the match referee should be very interested. It’s calculated and it’s not a good look,” said commentator David Lloyd on air.

“You can’t have this, I’m sorry. Kohli is such a powerhouse, you can’t have him intimidating the umpire. It’s a stinker of a decision but you can’t be doing that as a captain.” he added.


Indian skipper previously carries two faults points, and several points could spell a problem.

Virat Kohli will now gonna be charged with a Level 1 or 2 outrage, which could earn him among one and four fault points. The Indian skipper has already been assigned two demerit points in the past 24 months. 2 more demerit points will see the Indian captain dangling for a Test match.

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