Wasim Jaffer shows a fitting answer to Ian Healy’s comment on ‘fair pitches’ for Border-Gavaskar Trophy.



Wasim Jaffer answered Ian Healy’s view on Indian pitches ahead of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2023 series. Australia will shortly battle India in 4 Test matches. Earlier in the series, former Australian player Healy said that India would victory the series only if they did not ready fair pitches and preferred performing on rank turners.

Previously, India has designed spin-friendly pitches to trouble the visiting squads and has defeated multiple matches. Although, it is not one-sided to take home advantage because teams like England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa qualify for pace-friendly pitches for their home matches.

Remarking on who will victory the forthcoming Border-Gavaskar series, Ian Healy said:

“If India delivers fair wickets, Australia will victory BGT. If it’s rank turners, India will win.”

A Twitter user uploads his quote on the micro-blogging medium. Former Indian player Wasim Jaffer caught the tweet and was selected to give a reply as well.

Jaffer suggested how India recorded a series of victories on Australian soil in 2018/19 and 2020/21, even though Australia prepared the pitches for those games.

“Pretty sure India didn’t prepare wickets in Australia in 2020-21 and 2018-19, Mr. Healy :)” Jaffer replied.

Wasim Jaffer shows how Ravichandran Ashwin is previously at the head of Australian batters.

The Australian team has come to India for the 4-match Test series against Rohit Sharma’s men. The visitors have also started their practice sessions and roped in a net bowler from Baroda named Mahesh Pithiya to tackle Ravichandran Ashwin during the series.

Pithiya’s bowling style is comparable to that of Ashwin. Australia Player uploaded a video of their team’s practices on Twitter before today.

Responding to their tactics, Wasim Jaffer wrote:

“First Test is five days away and @ashwinravi99 is already inside Aus head.”

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