IPL 2023: “He Started To Cry When The Cook Served Him Lunch,” Says Coach About Kumar Kartikeya.



Kumar Kartikeya is a youngster who recently debuted as the playing 11 for Mumbai Indians in Indian Premier League 2023.

Mumbai Indians signed him as a replacement, replacing injured Arshad Khan. 

He is said to be the perfect example of his honesty. Always pays back.

Being from someone who could not make ends meet to someone whose name is now on one of the most outstanding teams in the biggest premier league inspires everyone chasing their dreams.

He is a left-arm wrist spinner who debuted against Rajasthan Royals on 1/19.

He is a son of a constable and moved to Dehli when he was 15. To help with his financial situation, he knocked on several doors for academic fees. Later Sanjay Bharadwaj took him under and trained him for free.

When the cook gave him lunch, he began to cry as he hadn’t eaten lunch for a year, says Bhardwaj, who had coached starts like Gautam Gambhir and Amit Mishra.  

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