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Madfinger Games Download

MADFINGER Games is a privately held mobile game developing industry located in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2008. The headquarters is located in Brno, Czech Republic. The most played game by Mad Finger games was Samurai: Way of Warrior which was released in 2009. Two other successful games are Dead Trigger and its sequel Dead Trigger 2. The latest game was released in the year 2018 which introduces several new game modes like the single-player campaign, PvP and cooperative mode, and extended mobile FPS genre with deep RPG and MMO elements.


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How To Download?

The Mad Finger games can be downloaded in Android through play store and in iOS through the apple store. But these games are more fun to play on the PC. It can be downloaded in a PC through Microsoft Store. Its APK can be downloaded in any device from its website.

Popular Games Of Madfinger

Here is the description of a few of its popular games:

  • Samurai: Way of Warrior: This is an action video game for iOS developed by Madfinger games in the genre of hack and slash. In this game, the story is narrated by comic book cutscenes. The hero is Samurai Daisuke Shimada who goes against the villain Lord Hattaro and his henchmen Kumo and Orochi.
  • Shadowgun: This game was developed in 2011 by Madfinger games for iOS, BlackBerry Playbook, and Android. In this game, the player uses virtual touchscreen controls to control the protagonist John Slade. Every level in the game features Shadowgun logos which will unlock pages in the ‘Shadowpedia’ when found.
  • Unkilled: It is the first zombie-themed first-person shooter video game published and developed by Madfinger Games for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices in the year 2015. The game’s task is to complete over 300 missions. The player is given a bonus like money and experience every time he completes a mission.
  • Dead Trigger: This game generally works in single-player mode. This game has several generic missions. You can simply earn Cash by Killing zombies.

Awards and Accomplishments

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Shadowgun, which was released in the year 2011, became the number one game in 25 countries and was included in the Apple Hall of Fame. Dead Trigger 2 received 10 million downloads in its first two months, and even after six years, it is still an Editor’s choice on the Google Play Store. The developers have received various awards like The Tabby Awards, The Gamescom Award, The Google Play Award, and The Android Excellence game award.

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Madfinger is a young studio of international developers with aims to create quality games. It has gained high praise for outstanding gameplay and next-gen graphics which provides the players visually stunning experience. It is a stable and dominant member of multimedia entertainment, focusing on mobile platforms. It has about 51-100 employees which include developers, artists, designers, and so on to give players the ultimate gaming experience.