Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team | List Added (Updated)


Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team

Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team, List of women’s One Day International cricket records: Cricket is one of the most loved sports all across the globe. People love the game and its spirit. There is a lot of buzz and discussion around mend cricket. But you will be surprised to know that women played world cup 2 years before the men’s world cup started,  i.e., in 1973. Yes that’s TRUE. Around 7 teams participated and the tournament was held in England where England won after defeating Australia. In those days, women’s cricket tournaments were managed and handled by the International Cricket Council (ICC). But later on in 2005, an entirely separate entity was formed namely, International Women Cricket Council (IWCC). 


Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team:

Cricket is generally played in three major formats:

  1. One Day International (ODI)
  2. Twenty-Twenty (T-20)
  3. Test match

The One Day International matches are 50 overs and of T-20 are twenty overs.  Test matches are long format matches and go on for days. To know the most successful women’s crockery team,  let’s consider ODI and T-20 world cups:

S.No. Teams ODI world cup wins T-20 world cup wins
1. Australia  7 5
2. England  4 1
3. New Zealand  1 0

From the above table it is clearly visible that Australia has won the maximum ODI and T-20 world cups. The irony is Australia was defeated in the first ever ODI world cup, but today they are leading the charts with a very high margin.

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Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team in ODI Format:

There have been 12 ODI world cups and not to doubt, the Kangaroos remain the champions,  i.e., the Australian women’s cricket team. The last ODI was hosted in New Zealand on 3rd April 2022, where England was defeated by Australia.  

Let’s check the top 5 teams according to ODI matches played:

S.No. Teams Matches played Matches won
1. Australia  353 281
2. England  380 223
3. New Zealand  370 182
4. India 301 164
5.  South Africa  227 118

Most Successful Women’s Cricket Team in T-20 Format:

The T-20 format of women’s cricket was started in the year 2009 when the first ever T-20 women’s world cup tournament was organized. England won the first T-20 world cup against New Zealand. T-20 world cups are arranged every 4 years. And last time it was held in 2020 where Australia won against India. Australia clearly ruled ODI and T-20 world cups. 

Let us take a look on the top 5 women’s team based on T-20 matches:

S.No. Teams Matches played Matches won
1. England  173 124
2. Australia  165 110
3. India  162 85
4. West Indies 155 75
5.  New Zealand  150 87

This was a summary of the women’s world cup. Clearly Australia is ruling the women’s world cup.  India has not won any trophies yet. In the T-20 world cup 2020, it reached the final. but unfortunately couldn’t win. Hopes are still high, our girls can make it.