“They gave me a tag randomly and made it viral” – Vijay Shankar explained about Ambati Rayudu ‘3D’ player name



Vijay Shankar has finally explained his feelings after more than two years of taking the ‘3D’ tag from Ambati Rayudu, and the divulge of trolling that continued.

BCCI selectors members passed over Ambati Rayudu for Vijay Shankar in the 2019 World Cup, naming the latter’s ‘3-dimensional’ skills. Rayudu quickly took a dig out and tweeted that he will wear ‘3D glasses’ to watch the tournament.

Even though it seemed like one thing, the tag remained with Vijay Shankar and is used even today by trollers anytime his performance is let down.

Talking on the subject on Sunday, Vijay Shankar said trollers are enjoying themselves at his expense by spread and using such tags.


He also grazed his analogies with Ambati Rayudu, arguing that both play in different situations and batting places.


“Enakkum adhukkum sammandhame kedayaadhu (I have no connection to that). They gave me a tag randomly and made it viral. But after that tweet, I played three games for India (World Cup) and did decently. I didn’t do anything bad. Even in the IPL, my batting orders have been different. A lot of people compare me to Rayudu, but the batting orders and conditions we play in are different. It’s okay to even compare, but at least see which slots we’re batting in. A lot of people don’t know that. They don’t see that, and they just want to enjoy in social media at my expense,” Shankar told News18.com.

“We talk well when we meet. There’s no personal issue between us. It just so happened that his tweet became viral. I definitely don’t have any grudge against Rayudu. Even when I met him recently in Delhi, we had a super conversation,” Shankar said.

Vijay Shankar scored 58 runs and picked up 2-serious wickets in the World Cup but hasn’t featured in any international games since.

“It’s a waste to try and change the public perception” – Vijay Shankar

When asked about how challenging it is to change public attitude, Vijay Shankar said it’s a waste of effort.

He also took a hint from cricketing capitals like Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni, who had their share of ridicule as well but took it in their stride.


“It is indeed hard to change, but I’m not trying to change that. It’s waste to try and change that. If I do well, it will change automatically. Perception will change overnight. Even big players like Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni have been trolled at various stages. It is public opinion, anyone can say anything. When players of that stature have gone through it, we just have to go past these things,” signed off Shankar.

Vijay Shankar recently featured in IPL 2021, where he completed 58 runs and 3-wickets across seven games.


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